Welcome To Aravind Ayurveda Hospital

The Ayurvedic establishment set up by Dr. T.K Saimalan is Aravind Ayurveda. This is a full-fledged hospital that runs round the clock treating patients back to wellness. Treatments for Bala Roga Chikitsa - Pediatric Ayurveda (Kaumarbhritya) and Stri Roga Treatment (Treatment for women) are the main wings of the hospital. There is also a general medicine treatment department which looks into treatment of various diseases.


Bala Roga Chikitsa (Kaumarbhritya) - Pediatric Ayurveda

Bala Roga Chikitsa, is a branch that details with the growth, development, nutrition and the treatment of diseases in Children.

Stri Roga Chikitsa (Prasuti Tantra)

Stri Roga Treatment or Prasutitantra, that is the obstetrics and gynecology section, forms one of the main branches of Ayurveda.

General Medicine Treatment

Respiratory issues like allergy, asthma, various types of bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and many more are managed through our General Medicine protocols.

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